Kenny & Roddy Riddle

Inspirational Inverness stalwarts

“With cycling currently going through its greatest growth since I’ve been involved, the Highlands are missing out with no velodrome.  Our roads are getting busier by the day and less safe on bicycles avoiding potholes and an accident from less patient drivers.  A velodrome creates a traffic-free safe place for children and adults to enjoy our pleasure of cycling.” (Kenny)

“A velodrome built in Inverness would increase the already very successful cyclists that come out of the Highlands.  Just look at the 2018 winner of the biggest race in the world, the Tour De France, Geraint Thomas from Wales who started his very successful career riding the track.  A velodrome is a safe environment for upcoming stars to train safety.” (Roddy)


1994 Commonwealth Games Road Race (both)

Scottish Track Hour Record holder (Roddy)

World Masters Duathlon Champion 2010 (Kenny)

Ultra Marathon Des Sables 2013 (Roddy)

Scottish Vets Road Race Champion (4x) (Kenny)

6633 Arctic Ultra Marathon 2017 (2nd) (Roddy)

International Masters Tour of Mallorca 2017 (Kenny)